Distance Learning Assignments 6th Grade

Dear student,

Your brain is designed to learn language by reading and listening to Spanish that it can make sense of. While you are not in Spanish class, you will continue to improve your Spanish proficiency by reading, listening and interacting with some texts in Spanish.


Wednesday, June 3:

Teams Meeting: Quizlet Live

Wednesday, May 20:

See your assignment on Teams. No Meeting today. Email me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, May 13:

Meeeting on Teams and Quizlet assignment

Wednesday, May 6:

Your assignment is on Teams. No meeting today.

Please be sure all you assignment are completed. Grades will be posted on Power School today by 12pm. If you have any questions please email me.


Wednesday, April 29:

Meeting on TEAMS, with detail information.

Mrs. Brumback’s class @ 10:30

Ms. Sullivan’s class @ 11:15


Wednesday, April 22:

Please meet me on TEAMS, bring you book to the meeting.

Mrs. Brumback’s class:

El Nuevo Houdini – Capitulo 9 Vocabulary practice

Ms. Sullivan’s class:

El Nuevo Houdini – Capitulo 9 Vocabulary practice

You need to create an account and join the class.



Wednesday, April 8:

Let’s read Capitulo 8 – Una Cita Indescriptible. Por favor lee 2 veces. Please read it aloud 2 times and write a summary in English using word/TEAMS

Friday, April 10:

Please use this time to catch up with your work and we will all be gathering virtually at 11 am to watch Stations of the Cross 2020 recording made remotely by our 8th graders.

Que tengan un buen día de Pascuas. Have a happy Easter!

Friday, April 3

Please find the video “Las excusas de Emma” in Señor Wooly link. It can be found on the VIDEO tab (on the left) of “Las Excusas” Story. While watching the VIDEO please complete the following Comprehension Activities. “Las excusas de Emma”  video is a little different than the regular story video.

For Activities, please see Team assignment and write your answer on a Word document. Gracias

Señor Wooly


Wednesday, April 1

Señor Wooly

School name: St John School (NO .) after St

We have a new story! Your assignment is to watch “Las Excusas” video with English/Spanish subtitles and complete Nugget 1 and Nugget 2, due Thursday 4/2 at 3pm.

Friday, March 27

Your assignment is due on Wednesday, April 1. Choose one item from Study and one item from Play.

Practice some vocabulary on Quizlet, here is the link to your class assignment:

Mrs. Brumback’s class:

El Nuevo Houdini – Capitulo 8 Vocabulary practice

Ms. Sullivan’s class:

El Nuevo Houdini – Capitulo 8 Vocabulary practice

If you don’t have an account please create one. Gracias!!


Wednesday, March 25

Please meet me at Teams Microsoft, bring your book to our meeting.

Mrs. Brumback’s class @ 10:15

Ms. Sullivan’s class @ 10:40

Homework for Friday, March 27:

Count to 20 in Spanish every time you wash your hands. I wonder how many times you get to practice your numbers in Spanish.

Friday, March 20

Please read aloud twice “El Nuevo Houdini” Capítulo 7Una reparación urgente to yourself, to a parent or sibling. We will have a discussion and answer questions using  Teams Microsoft next class Wednesday, March 25.

Mrs. Brumback’s class: 10:15 – 10:35

Ms. Sullivan’s class: 10:40 – 11am

See you all next Wednesday!


Wednesday, March 18

Señor Wooly

School name: St John School (NO .) after St

Your assignment is “Billy la Bufanda” Nugget 9 and Nugget 10, due today by 8pm.

Please complete the homework page either in a word document , or on a sheet of paper. Take a picture and/or just email me your answers. Homework is due on Friday, March 20.


Homework Packet-billy-la-bufanda-1