Distance Learning Assignments 7th Grade

Dear student, 

Your brain is designed to learn language by reading and listening to Spanish that it can make sense of. While you are not in Spanish class, you will continue to improve your Spanish proficiency by reading, listening and interacting with some texts in Spanish. 



Monday, June 1:

Teams Meeting

Monday, May 18:

Build your own story – See Teams for Assignment

Monday, May 11:

Las Excusas – Please see TEAMS assignment

Monday, May 4:

Las Excusas  – Señor Wooly

Monday, April 27:

Please see your assignment on TEAMS

Monday, April 20:

Meet me on TEAMS! We will talk about the coming assignments.

Mr. Tice @ 10:30

Ms. Rzegocki @ 11:15

Monday, April 5:

See Assignment on TEAMS. Gracias.

Monday, March 30:

Watch “AR” music video and read the “AR” review worksheet page 1, page 2 is a practice worksheet for you to fill in the blanks to check your understanding. Please complete the Garbanzo Reading from last week if you were unable to answer all the questions. I will be checking Garbanzo to see your progress. If you have any questions please let me know.

“AR” Ending Verbs Instructional Music Video

Worksheets 1, 2:



Monday, March 23

Please see your assignment under Teams/Mr. Tice – Clase de Español or Ms. Rzegocki – Clase de Español

Garbanzo reading

Use Code: CABRA-79925

Please try Garbanzo and let me know what you think. Gracias!


Monday, March 16

Señor Wooly

School name: St John School (NO .) after St

Your assignment is “La Confesión de Victor” Nuggets 3 and 4

Please answer the comprehension questions, either in a Word document, or on a sheet of paper. Take a picture or just email me your answers. Gracias